P8AC Drinking Water Fountains
Wall Mounted, Chilled Water, ADA Approved

(Replaces the P8AM)

  Oasis P8AC wall mounted drinking water fountain
View detailed information: P8AC information
View drawings: P8AC drawings
P8AC.....$410 plus $75 for shipping and handling

  Oasis PV8AC vandal resistant fountain
View detailed information: PV8AC information
View drawings: PV8AC drawings
PV8AC.....$590 plus $75 for shipping and handling
All panels on this fountain are stainless steel

A glass filler can be factory installed on the P8AC series drinking water fountains
please look here
glass fillers

New Green Technology
These VersacoolerŪ II fountains are fitted with the latest Energy and Water Conservation Technology.
They include:
Front and side push pads that are Mechanically Activated and use no electricity.
A Water Saver Bubbler that reduces waste water by 50%
A New High Efficient Positive Start Compressor that is fully insulated.
A Positive Sensing Thermostat.
These innovations will reduce your environmental impact and save you money at the same time.

  Oasis PG8AC Green fountain
View detailed information: PG8AC information
View drawings: PG8AC drawings
PG8AC.....$435 plus $75 for shipping and handling

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