PG8AC Drinking Water Fountains
Wall Mounted, Chilled Water, ADA Approved

New Green Technology
These Versacooler II fountains are fitted with the latest Energy and Water Conservation Technology.
They include:
Front and side push pads that are Mechanically Activated and use no electricity.
A Water Saver Bubbler that reduces waste water by 50%
A New High Efficient Positive Start Compressor that is fully insulated.
A Positive Sensing Thermostat.
These innovations will reduce your environmental impact and save you money at the same time.

  Oasis PG8AC Green fountain
View detailed information: PG8AC information
View drawings: PG8AC drawings
PG8AC.....$425 plus $75 for shipping and handling

  Oasis PGV8AC vandal resistant fountain
View detailed information: PGV8AC information
View drawings: PGV8AC drawings
PGV8AC.....$610 plus $75 for shipping and handling
All panels on this fountain are stainless steel

A glass filler can be factory installed on the PG8AC series drinking water fountains
please look here
glass fillers

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